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  Home > Project IP Camera > SP-PNR16
High Speed Dome IR IP Camera,H.264 Video Compression.
Item NO.: SP-PNR16
Standard H.264 Video Compression
Pan/Tilt/Zoom High Speed Dome Outdoor IP Camera

SP-PNR16 is special integrated IP camera designed for the Project using. It is built-in Web server to view the image and control it through IE. For example, when user is in the office, he can see the situation of their elders and children at home. In addition, this IP camera can work with wireless alarm gateway; support all kinds of remote control and wireless detectors, such as infrared sensors, PIR, curtain sensors, smoke detectors, gas detectors and so on. When there is a thief breaking in, or gas leaking out, the IP camera will do the video motion detective and alarm automatically. And there is a unique emergency function for help. When the emergency happens, user can ask for help pressing the remote control or panic button.

Audio and video input

  1. Supporting connection to 16*D1digital camera.
  2. Each video channel supports dual stream compression, and either code stream can be selected for connection and implementing network browsing.
  3. The video encoding parameters of each channel can be adjusted separately, such as the resolution, frame rate, code rate and image quality.
  4. Supporting video stream encoding and composite stream encoding of synchronous audio stream and video stream
  5. Supporting the watermarking technology
  6. Supporting 16 channels video playback simultaneous

Local surveillance

  1. Supporting three independent local outputs of VGA/HDMI, main audio/video port and auxiliary audio/video port
  2. VGA/HDMI high definition output, highest resolution can be up 1080P.
  3. Supporting 1/4/8/9-image preview and adjustable preview channel sequence
  4. Preview supports packet switching, manual switching or automatic polling preview. The automatic polling cycle can be set.
  5. Supporting video motion detection and video loss detection
  6. Built-in mainstream PTZ decoder control protocol; supporting customized PTZ protocol upgrade, as well as preset point, cruise path and track

Harddisk file management

  1. Supporting up to 8 SATA harddisks; the capacity of each harddisk can be greater than 2TB.
  2. Supporting the harddisk S.M.A.R.T technology
  3. Supporting harddisk dormancy
  4. Supporting harddisk pack management
  5. Using the EXT3 file format, stable and reliable, and thoroughly eradicating generation of harddisk fragments

Video recording and playback

  1. Supporting the cyclic write-in mode and non- cyclic write-in mode
  2. Supporting the manual, scheduled, alarm, motion detection and other video recording trigger modes
  3. Seven video recording time segments can be set in a day, and the video recording trigger modes in different time segments can be set separately.
  4. Supporting switching value alarm and pre-recording and delay video recording of motion detection
  5. Supporting search and playback of video recording by conditions such as channel number, video recording type, file time and start/end time
  6. Supporting pause, fast play, slow play, play forward, play backward and other functions during playback

Data backup

  1. Supporting backup through the USB interface
  2. Supporting backup through the eSATA interface
  3. Supporting mass backup
  4. Supporting management and maintenance of backup devices

Alarm and exception management

  1. Uniformly managing the switching value alarm input/output of the device and IP channel.
  2. Uniformly managing the motion detection alarm and alarm on video signal unavailability of the device and IP channel
  3. Supporting arm time setting of alarm input/output
  4. Supporting alarm on video signal unavailability, video motion detection alarm, harddisk error alarm, and full harddisk alarm
  5. All alarms and exceptions can trigger video recording of any channel, switching value alarm output, buzzer alarm, and uploading to the alarm center.
  6. The system can recover automatically when an exception occurs during its running.

Other local features

  1. The user can operate the system through the front panel button, shuttle key, mouse, remote control and dedicated keyboard.
  2. Three-level permission user management; the administrator can create multiple operation users and set permissions for them, and make permissions specific to channels.
  3. Supporting recording and searching of complete operation, alarm, exception and information logs
  4. Supporting manual alarm triggering and clearing

Network features

  1. Supporting the 10M/100M/1000M adaptive network interface
  2. Supporting the TCP/IP protocol stack and protocols including PPPoE, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, FTP and SMTP
  3. Supporting unicast and multicast; supporting TCP, UDP and RTP in the case of unicast
  4. Supporting remote search, playback and downloading of video recording files
  5. Supporting remote access and configuration of parameters
  6. Supporting remote access of the device running status, system log and alarm status
  7. Supporting remote key pressing operation
  8. Supporting remote harddisk formatting, program upgrading, restarting, powering-off and other system maintenance operations
  9. Supporting RS-232 and RS-485 transparent channel transmission
  10. Uploading alarms and exceptions to the remote alarm host
  11. Supporting remote manual triggering and stopping of video recording
  12. Supporting remote manual triggering and stopping of alarm output
  13. Supporting remote JPEG image capture
  14. Supporting remote PTZ control
  15. Supporting voice intercommunication or voice broadcasting
  16. Designed with an embedded WEB Server

Development support

    • Providing a SDK software development kit
    • Providing application source codes for demonstration
    • Providing development support and development training service related to the application system


A/V Input

Video compression


Video input

16 channels D1/

Audio compression


A/V output

Video output

1 channel VGA output ,2 channel BNC output, 1 channel HDMI output 

Recording Resolution


Frame rate

PAL: 1-25 fps
NTSC:1-30 fps

Bite rate

D1,32-4000 Kbps

Audio output

A:2 channels HEADPHONE 3.5 mm
B:2 channel LINE OUT (BNC)

Audio output bite rate


Playback resolution




Support 16pcs SATA HDDs,including one eSATA interface support hot swap


Each interface support above 2TB HDD


Support HDD threshold value alarm, error alarm and ruin alarm

Network Feature





E-SATA Back up support hot swap


USB backup support hot swap

Local backup

backup to Flash Disk or USB Disk; support hot swap

Remote backup

backup all HDD files by CMS remotely


RS-232/485 port

one RS-232 port:standard DB9-male(for parameter/equipment configuration, transparence channel); one keyboard port ; two RS-485 ports; one VGA port; one HDMI port

USB interface

2 USB interfaces:
 one for USB flash /USB HDD; the other for USB mouse

Alarm input

16 channels input

Alarm output

4 channels output


Power supply


Power consumption

44W (Without HDD)

Working temperature


Working humidity



Product: 440*456*88 mm      Package: 520*550*185 1 pc/box

Net weight

7.1kg(Without HDDs)


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